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Print House CEO, Brett Phillips, believes that taking the right steps towards making a difference is the key in determining how an organisation should 'tackle' their environmental policies.

Our approach was to gather as much information as possible so we could make informed decisions about how Print House could become part of the solution.

It was clear that there are many misconceptions in the market place about what is really going to lessen mankind's impact on the environment and what can be done to reduce green house gases and climate change.

While supporting initiatives such as Enviro-Mark to reduce waste within our organisation it was clear to us that it was essential to also offer our clients some real environmentally friendly choices when deciding to purchase paper and print products.

For example with 'fine' commercial printing like we produce at Print House, the use of recycled paper is not necessarily the best option. Recycled paper often gives a poor print result and in reality the recycling process itself uses harmful chemicals to de-ink and whiten the paper so it can be reused.

Our preference and recommendation is to use products that are sourced from responsibly managed forests where the management guarantees continuous replanting of trees at a greater level than has been harvested.

This type of support globally has seen forest areas, specifically in Europe and North America increase significantly over the last few years and this must be a far better option than using the harmful chemicals associated with de-inking recycled paper.

To be able to assure our clients that we were not only 'talking the talk' but 'walking the walk' so to speak, we undertook the audit process for a 'Chain of Custody' certification from two globally recognised organisations.

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) and The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

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